Linux Dedicated Hosting

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Choose Your Proxy Server Plan

Basic Plan

  • Protection: 1Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Standard Plan

  • Protection: 5Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Enhance Plan

  • Protection: 14Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Prime Plan

  • Protection: 14Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Ultimate Plan

  • Protection: 14Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Enterprise Plan

  • Protection: 20Tbit/s ANTI DDOS

Our Services Remote DDoS Mitigation

All mitigation layers can be fully customized by our DDoS experts to suit your purpose, PH Networks provides in-depth reporting on a global and granular scale. Gain important insight on the size and type of DDoS attacks targeting your services. Our self-learning DDoS detection and mitigation AI collects attack information across all clients giving it the ability to constantly evolve to stop new threats. In addition, our AI sends pertinent attacker identification information to the PH team to forward to the proper authorities.

Technical Features & Specifications

Get instant DDoS mitigation via emergency onboarding thanks to our DDoS protection service.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS mitigation services can be easily setup same day, without the need for any additional hardware or software. This translates to less downtime when under attacks and misconfiguration during setup. All mitigation layers can be fully customized by our DDoS experts to suit your purpose.

Resource Use Management

Our multi-layered, open-source security stack means thousands of experts have reviewed the code used to build our network and security foundation. This is the only way to ensure that our service has the least amount of vulnerabilities possible.

Ecommerce Compatible

Sometimes it feels like security companies take advantage of those targeted by DDoS attacks by charging premium "under attack fees." Phil Hosting Networks offers affordable protection without taking advantage of those in an unfortunate situation.

24/7 technical support

Phil Hosting Networks has around the clock personalized support from experienced staff members. We offer clients a variety of communication methods such as phone, e-mail, and live chat to ensure any issues you face are solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.